[21 October 2020] Denis Hurley Peace Institute report on Northern Mozambique

The Denis Hurley Peace Institute, an NGO that is part of the South African Catholic Bishops' Conference, regularly compiles reports on Northern Mozambique from its sources in Pemba, Mozambique. We co-publish, with the DHPI, those reports here.

COUNTRY UPDATE: 21 October  2020

Johan Viljoen

An escalation in the fighting in Cabo Delgado has resulted in a renewed influx of refugees to the provincial capital Pemba, by boat. The first fishing boats arrived on Saturday 17 October when hundreds of families disembarked  at Paquiquete beach from boats, each carrying 30 to 40 people, fleeing the armed conflict in the districts of Quissanga and Macomia. Children, women, the elderly and the sick travelled several miles in overcrowded boats. On Sunday around 700 people from the Quirimbas Archipelago, and from communities of Olumboa, Guludo, Ntoni, Kirimizi and Mucojo, in Macomia district, disembarked at the beach, the majority of them women and children.

The situation escalated over following days – on Tuesday 20 October an estimated 1 800 arrived in 25 boats. 

The displaced have nowhere to go, and are sleeping on the beach. There have been reports of several dying of thirst on the way. There have also been reports of pregnant women giving birth on the boats. A humanitarian crisis is developing – many are visibly unwell, having spent four days on the open sea. There is currently no food, and no medical supplies. 


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