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AMEC will host a one-day symposium on 28 January 2014 to discuss possible futures for Egypt. It will bring together a number of prominent Egyptians who are now part of the opposition to the coup, as well as other commentators. The key issues to be discussed at the symposium include: circumstances surrounding the July 2013 coup; the role, mechanisms, influence and future trajectory of the 'deep state'; the opposition to the coup and the current state of repression; the military ‘roadmap’ and other scenarios for Egypt’s future.
The Afro-Middle East Centre (AMEC) will convene an international conference from 5 to 6 November 2013 in Pretoria, South Africa, to examine the nature and extent of the penetration of Middle Eastern states into Africa. Potential presenters are invited to submit abstracts for consideration. Abstract closing date: 15 September 2013 Decision date: 22 September 2013 Full paper Submission Date: 28 October 2013
The Afro-Middle East Centre and the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on International Relations and Coorperation invites you to a conference: Title: Understanding the Middle East and South Africa's foreign policy towards the region
The Afro-Middle East Centre will be hosting a seminar on the 4th of August 2010 entitled "The AfPak Paradox: Crises and consequences of the latest theatre of the US 'war on terror'". The seminar is presented by Junaid S. Ahmad, an expert on US Foreign Policy towards southern Asia and the Middle East.  Junaid S. Ahmad has a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree in law from the US, and is a PhD candidate at the University of Cape Town. He is currently a faculty member in the Department of Law and Policy at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Lahore,…
By Afro-Middle East Centre The Afro-Middle East Centre (AMEC) is boasting big names for an international conference on Israel that it will host in April in Pretoria. Foreign speakers include Avi Shlaim, Azzam Tamimi, Ali Abunimah, Ilan Pappe and Shlomo Sand, while local speakers include former minister Ronnie Kasrils, former deputy minister Aziz Pahad, and current Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Ebrahim Ebrahim. The conference, supported by the Al-Jazeera Centre for Studies, will take place from the 12 to the 14 April at the Colosseum Hotel in the capital city. The choice of location is indicative of AMEC's…
12 – 14 April 2010, Colosseum Hotel, Pretoria, South Africa Monday, 12th April: 09:00 Opening Session: Nationalisms and Ethnicisms Chair: Garth Le Pere Welcome, Opening Comments – Garth Le Pere, Na’eem Jeenah Opening Address – Deputy Minister Ebrahim Ebrahim Nationalism, Colonialism and the Ethnic State – Achille Mbembe  10:30 Tea Zionism and the dilemmas of settler democracy – Daryl Glaser Jewish and Arab nationalisms – the Zionist reality and counterfactual historical perspectives – Ilan Pappe Discussant: Aziz Pahad  12:30 Lunch 14:00 Israel and its mythologies Chair: Shannon Field When and how was the ‘Jewish people’ invented? – Shlomo Sand ‘No…
The Afro-Middle East Centre (AMEC) will convene an international conference to explore the place of Israel, as a Jewish state, within today’s cosmopolitan world, as a case study for the question of the place of ethnic states within a cosmopolitan world. The conference will interrogate the key concepts of nationalism, nation-state, ethnic nationalism and Jewish nationalism. It will, furthermore, explore the myths and invented traditions that shape Jewish nationalism, as well as the discourse that legitimates it. The conference will attempt to grapple with the question of whether Jewish nationalism and the notion of an ethnic Jewish state have a…

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