MENA Uprisings-Conference 2012

MENA Uprisings-Conference 2012

MENA uprisings and transformations and their impact on Africa 27–29 August 2012  Monday 19:00   Reception dinner             Welcome – Na’eem Jeenah Conference OpeningSession: Heralding the dawn of a new era Deputy Minister Ebrahim Ebrahim Keynote address – Wadah Khanfar Tuesday 09:00   Transitions and transformations Chair: Shireen Ally Comparing models of revolution, transition and democratisation – Houchang Chehabi Long road from revolution to democracy: Challenges and threats facing transitionary states – Garth le Pere The question and the struggle: Comparisons across regions and time – Shamil Jeppie Respondent: Shireen Hassim  10:45   Tea  11:00   A new year, a new region and new…
AMEC's international conference scheduled for 27 to 29 August promises insightful discussion, vigorous debate and close interrogation of issues as around twenty foreign and South African speakers come together to deliberate on the uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa, possible futures for the region and the impact of all of this on the African continent. Academics, politicians and analysts will deliberate and discuss critical issues facing the region and look towards scenarios that could unfold, examining the possibilities for the emergence of real democracy. There will also be discussion on whether the South African experience of transition might…

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