MENA uprisings conference programme

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MENA uprisings and transformations and their impact on Africa

27–29 August 2012


19:00   Reception dinner

            Welcome – Na’eem Jeenah

Conference OpeningSession: Heralding the dawn of a new era

Deputy Minister Ebrahim Ebrahim

Keynote address – Wadah Khanfar


09:00   Transitions and transformations

Chair: Shireen Ally

Comparing models of revolution, transition and democratisation – Houchang Chehabi

Long road from revolution to democracy: Challenges and threats facing transitionary states – Garth le Pere

The question and the struggle: Comparisons across regions and time – Shamil Jeppie

Respondent: Shireen Hassim

 10:45   Tea

 11:00   A new year, a new region and new democracies

Chair: Mohammed Dangor

Not out of the blue: A historical appraisal of resistance and people’s movements in MENA and possibilities for the emergence of indigenous democratic models – Larbi Sadiki

In revolt: uprisings that will reshape the region and the world – Juan Cole

The foreign hand: roles and interventions of external actors – Phyllis Bennis

Respondent: Steven Friedman

 12:45   Lunch

 13:30   Unfinished business?

Chair: Ronnie Kasrils

How Syria has come to this and the current state of play – Fawaz Tello

Where is Syria headed? – Najib Ghadbian

Will the Bahrain uprising reach a conclusion? – Maryam al-Khawaja

Implications of regime collapse in Syria and regime preservation in Bahrain - Mohammad Marandi

Respondent: Jonathan Whittall

 15:30   Tea

 15:45   A transforming MENA region

Chair: Khadija Patel

Who will be the new regional hegemons – Taha Ozhan, Gholamreza Khaji

Can the Palestinian-Israeli issue remain unchanged after the uprisings? – Mohsen Saleh, Yossi Shain

Arab monarchies: Is the charge of ‘counter-revolutionary’ valid?

Transitional justice and reconciliation in North Africa – Yasmin Sooka

Respondent: Noor Nieftagodien


09:00   Islamists ‘above ground’ and poised to lead

Chair: Zeenat Adam

An Egyptian Ikhwanul Muslimoon perspective

An Ennahda perspective from Tunisia – Anwar Maaroufi

A Libyan Islamist perspective – Ashur Shamis

The uprisings within a broader Islamist re-awakening – Ahmad Abd Rabouh

 10:45   Tea

 11:00   Post-revolt North Africa and its role on the African continent

Chair: Fadl Nacerodien

Potential for a coordinated North African bloc – Larbi Sadiki

Algeria: the odd one out – Yahia Zoubir

Do the uprisings offer the possibility of greater Arab-African cooperation? – Salah Eddin Elzein

After Gaddafi and Mubarak: A new North African role in the AU – Francis Ikome

Respondent: Sanusha Naidu

 13:00   Lunch

 14:00   Experiences from the South African transition

Chair: Lebohang Pheko

Challenges of transforming from liberation movement to government - Essop Pahad

Transitional justice: Of truth and reconciliation – John Daniel

Economic transition: balancing the markets with the needs of the poor – Mzukizi Qobo

Crafting a democratic constitution

Respondent: Patrick Bond

 16:00   Tea

 16:30   ClosingSession:

Chair: Heidi-Jane Esakov

Wadah Khanfar

Na’eem Jeenah

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