Conference programme: 'In whose interests: Exploring Middle East involvement in Africa'

International Conference

In whose interests? Exploring Middle East involvement in Africa

5 – 6 November 2013

Draft Programme


09:00     Middle Eastern foreign policies and Africa

10:30     Tea

11:00     Aid to Africa: For whose benefit?

  • Assessing GCC states’ humanitarian aid programmes to Africa - Ahmad Amal
  • Does “Rising Power” mean “Rising Donor”? Turkey’s development aid in Africa - Mehmet Ozkan
  • Emerging Middle East donors and post-conflict reconstruction in Africa - Agnieszka Paczynska

13:00     Lunch

14:00     Religion and education as soft power

16:00     Tea


09:00     Neocolonialism: Resources, land and markets

  • Strategic partnership between Africa and Turkey: Self-interest or altruism - Abdurrahim Siradag
  • The Arab Gulf in Africa: Neocolonialism or something else? - David Mednicoff
  • Israeli war profiteering in Africa - Terry Crawford-Browne
  • Food security or land grabs: what’s behind the large-scale purchase of African land by GCC countries? - Yacoob Abba Omar


11:00     Tea

11:30     Africa as battleground

13:30     Lunch

14:30     Future prospects for Middle East-Africa relations

16.15      Closing Remarks by Na'eem Jeenah

16:45     Tea

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