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MENA uprisings and transformations and their impact on Africa

  • MENA uprisings and transformations and their impact on Africa

Written while the euphoria of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) uprisings was still palpable, this is a collection written by an international mix of respected academics and active political roleplayers who reflect on the changing face of the MENA region since the end of 2010. The book examines the theoretical frameworks within which the uprisings and the movements for and towards democracy in the region might be situated; and chronicles and analyses the uprisings in the various countries where they occurred, their causes, the role of external actors, and the impact of the uprisings on the African continent. Carefully focusing on different countries, while not ignoring the regional tapestry which served as a background for the uprisings, this book presents a fascinating and thoughtful look at one of the most exciting-brief-periods in the MENA region in recent times.

About the Authours

Na'eem Jeenah

Na'eem Jeenah is the executive director of the Afro-Middle East Centre. An author, and former journalist, Jeenah has published numerous articles on various topics, especially the Middle East and political Islam. He is the author of Journey of discovery: A South African Hajj (2000), edited Pretending democracy: Israel, an ethnocratic state (2012), and co-edited (with Mohsen Moh'd Saleh) The PLO: Critical appraisals from the inside (2014). Contributions to the volume: Ebrahim Ebrahim, Ebrahim Shabbir Deen, Garth le Pere, Houchang E Chehabi, Phyllis Bennis, Ashur Shamis, Ahmed Abd Rabou, Hadi Enayat, Daryl Glaser, Lufti Zaitoun, Yahia H Zoubir, Francis Nguendi Ikome

  • Author: Na'eem Jeenah
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