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Kurdistan: Achievable Reality or Political Mirage

  • Kurdistan: Achievable Reality or Political Mirage

Spread across a number of countries around the world, and concentrated in four Middle East countries, the Kurdish people have you yearned for their own country for almost a century, but were forgotten when the region was carved up by the Sykes-Picot Agreement early in the twentieth century. Since then, the creation of a Kurdish state was high on the agenda of all Kurds. This was especially true when we consider the lot of Kurds in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. This book examines the political situation of Kurds in these four countries, looks at how this has changed particularly in the past decade, and considers what the future might hold for the Kurdish people and for the notion of an independent state of Kurdistan. It asks the question of whether a Kurdish state is achievable, or, even, desirable. The book is written for policymakers and academics interested in the Middle East region and in Kurdish politics in particular. It is written in an accessible way that makes it easy reading for anyone curious about the region and its people.

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